Cannon Hall

Cannon Hall is a fine example of a grand stately home that was developed to its grand proportions through the riches gained by a family in the 18th Century. The family in question, in the case of Cannon Hall, was the Spencer family who gained their wealth in the iron and coal industry of South Yorkshire … Read more

Beautiful Grounds

Cannon Hall is set within some beautiful parkland that stretches downhill towards a picturesque river.  Close to the house are the Fairyland Garden, developed as a play area for the family children, and the Cottage Garden, that originally provided food for the Hall.

Interesting Local History

The Hall itself and the surrounding gardens provide a great deal of interest for local historians.  But housed within the Hall is Cannon Hall Museum, the Regimental Museum of the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary’s Own) and the Light Dragoons. This museum is of great interest to those who study military history.

The Fairyland Garden

Fairyland Garden

A part of the Cannon Hall Gardens were landscaped into a Fairytale folly for the children to play in.  The Fairyland area was laid out in the… Read More

The Museum Entrance

Cannon Hall Museum

Cannon Hall Museum houses the Regimental Museum of the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary’s Own) and the Light Dragoons…. Read More

The Cottage Garden

The Cottage Garden

The Cottage Garden at Cannon Hall is a walled Georgian Garden that has been restored to show the wonderful working gardens that… Read More

Cannon Hall Farm Shop

Cannon Hall Farm – Petting Farm and Adventure Playground

Cannon Hall Farm is not directly affiliated to Cannon Hall Museum, but provides many of the activities and shopping opportunities that make a trip to Cannon Hall a great day […]

The Maize Maze

Maize Maze

Nearby Cannon Hall is the Cawthorne Maize Maze.  This maze changes every year and creates a fun few hours for all the family to hunt for the way out.  The […]

View from Cannon Hall

Cannon Hall Garden Centre

Just down the road from Cannon Hall is the independently owned Cannon Hall Garden Centre. This lovely centre includes a plantaria with hundreds of shrubs, herbs fruit and vegetable […]

Cannon Hall in Barnsley

Cannon Hall is a stately home, near Barnsley in South Yorkshire. The hall is run by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and is open to the public throughout the year for a variety of activities.

Cannon Hal itself boasts 2 museums which are open to the public and admission is free. The mainCannon Hall museum is a military museum, whilst the other is an art museum featuring ceramics, furniture and paintings.

The grounds of Cannon Hall, also known as Cawthorne Country Park, are a fantastic place to explore with children, with acres of landscaped grassland, ideal for picnics and games. The Fairyland garden was created in the 19th Century and retains its mystical beauty to this day. There is also a walled garden at Cannon Hall which has around 40 varieties of pear tree, among other fruit trees, and is home to the Annual Cannon Hall Pear Day when the pears are harvested.

Right next to Cannon Hall is the Cannon Hall Farm, which features the award winning Cannon Hall farm shop, deli and cafe, as well as the petting zoo and brilliant adventure playground.